There’s a Bunny in My Parking Spot

Aitor Lajarin Encina in collaboration with Rashawn Griffin, Chelsea K. James, George P. Perez, Future Retrieval, Camille Shortridge & Alexander Richard Wilson 

There’s a Bunny In My Parking Spot is an exhibition organized by artist Aitor Lajarin Encina and FOAF co-directors Lauren Hartog and Derrick Velasquez. Lajarin Encina creates exhibitions within his paintings, a personal project which first evolved a few years ago. Typically the artist creates the setting for the exhibitions – “incomplete” paintings which become the scenery for other artists’ work to be displayed. The final showings that result are playful arrangements that serve both to challenge our definition of an exhibition, and encourage participating artists to rethink the scale, presentation, and materials they work with. 

When working with FOAF, Lajarin Encina wanted to add a layer of chance to this concept. The artist handed curatorial duties over completely to Hartog and Velasquez, allotting them choice over setting and their picks of artists to invite. Lajarin Encina only saw the artworks selected for the exhibition within his painting when dropping off the canvas at the Evans School. In contrast to Lajarin Encina’s chosen confinement, other participating artists were only given limitations on size when creating their works. This resulted in the exhibition within an exhibition’s spontaneous aesthetics and eclectic program. 

Participating artists included Rashawn Griffin, Chelsea K. James, George P Perez, Future Retrieval, Camille Shortridge & Alexander Richard Wilson.

This exhibition can be purchased for $1,000.00

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