Friend of a Friend (FOAF) is a curatorial project located in Denver, Colorado.

FOAF is provisional and hopefully itinerant space located in the recently renovated Evans School Building in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Our mission is to invigorate and challenge Denver’s art community. Our program of short-term exhibitions dually highlights local artists and exposes the community to new persons and practices by bringing in the work of national and international artists. Co-Directed by artist Derrick Velasquez and art historian Lauren Hartog, FOAF hopes to act as a bottle rocket that ascends quickly into the atmosphere exploding and coming to an end in a shower of beautiful yet temporary sparks.

Friend of a Friend was featured in Hyperallergic in March of 2022. Check out what folks have to say about us, and other small spaces in Denver we love.

Friend of a Friend Co Directors, Lauren Hartog and Derrick Velasquez. Image courtesy Rachel Woolfe Photography.
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